Monday, December 14, 2015

Stylearc Mary Shift Dress as a tunic

What attracted me to Stylearc's Mary Shift Dress was the raglan sleeve. I had been looking for a simple raglan sleeve dress/top/tunic pattern and was pleased to find this one at Stylearc. Although it is a dress pattern, I shortened it by 20 cms (8 inches) to make it tunic length. I also shortened the sleeves by 2 cm. The front and binding is a textured Japanese cotton while the sleeves and back are made from black linen. The photo doesn't really show it's A-line shape. 
To add some interest to the back I made a slot seam. I remember reading about this type of seam, I think it was in a Threads magazine, some time ago. It's not difficult to do. You sew the seam with a basting stitch, on the inside cover the complete width of the seam allowances with a strip of contrasting fabric, top stitch on the outside (the further from the seam the wider the slot but of course you can't go any wider than the seam allowance), unpick the basting and there you have a slot seam. I used this youtube video for instructions.


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