Thursday, November 22, 2012

Liberty of London op shop find

I couldn't believe my luck when I came across this shirt made from Liberty of London fabric in my local op shop. It has never been worn and still has the original swing tag on it. It's made by Zoe Elizabeth and a google search found that it was from their 2008/2009 summer collection.

When I spied it in the shop, I thought that I could shorten the sleeves and the bodice length to make a summer top for one of my daughters. However, it is a little big but there are other plans.
There's plenty of fabric so it could be repurposed and made into a summer skirt, used as lining for zipped pouches or bags, made into bias binding to bind the neck of a simple white cotton top or what ever else comes to mind. And not only is there plenty of fabric but also 12 cute floral shaped buttons to add to my stash.

The other great thing about this find is that it was made here in Melbourne.


  1. This is one of my ( unfulfilled ) dreams - that I would find liberty fabric in an opshop and how rare that it is even Melbourne made.
    I hope you post the top when you have finished altering it . ( PS which opshop -is it normally good or was this a rare treasure. )

  2. Thanks for your reply - Ascot Vale is on the other side from where I live in Gippsland. My best op-shop find ever was an almost complete Royal Doulton dinner set ( missing one large plate ) for $35.00 - it is a very pretty design. I still can not believe it . That was from the Toorak opshop !A couple of years ago I found the missing plate at another op-shop in Surrey Hills - the plate was $20 but worth it to complete my set.

  3. Oh, that is a very good find. I have popped over from Christina's where I saw your comment about being a freckle face - and just had to come over. From one freckle face to another. xx


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