Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A toile and Vogue 8536

A sign of the confidence that one of my daughters has in my sewing ability was her request for me to make a copy of a shop bought dress. It was not a difficult dress: long sleeved, round neck knit. (I see I should have given the dress a bit of an iron before photographing it.)
With the use of Vogue 8536, which is a basic design pattern for t-shirts, for the sleeves, I made a copy of the dress and this is how it turned out.
It's a bit wider than the original so the next time I make it I'll make it narrower taking in a centimetre or so from the centre back and front fold line. The fabric is a light weight knit that was a dream to sew. My daughter is happy with this dress but is looking forward to the improved slimmer version.

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