Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big day out (the textile kind)

I had a big day out yesterday with a friend who had come up from the country. She's a keen and creative knitter and with our combined interest in textiles we went exploring some of the yarn and fabric shops of Melbourne. Our method of transport was trains and trams. First stop in the city was Morris and Sons for a look at their terrific yarns and inspirational projects on display. Then up to Tessuti in Flinders Lane where I bought remnants of two different purple knits to make up a scarf for my schoolhouse tunic. Hopped onto to Tram 1 to Albert Park for a visit to Wool Baa for more oggling of yarn and beautifully made garments. Back into the city for a train to Richmond. Unfortunately Dairing in Lennox Street was closed on Monday, but we pressed our noses against the window for a good look (next year, we're having our big day out on a Tuesday or Wednesday). Teresa Dair's book ' I knitted my way' featured in the window display. We walked up the street to Astratex for a wistful look around the shop filled with beautiful fabric. Back to the city for a late afternoon film at the Kino ($7 tickets on Mondays). The day was capped off most fittingly with drinks and dinner at Seamstress in Lonsdale Street.
We plan to make this an annual event and are thinking next year of going to Kazari and Wondoflex in Malvern, and Precious Purl, The Fabric Store and Clear It in Fitzroy.
Any other suggestions?

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