Thursday, July 12, 2012

A couple of scarves

On my big day out on Monday I bought two pieces of purple knit from the remnants table at Tessuti to make up a scarf to wear with my schoolhouse tunic. I ended up making two. The first was made using the 150 cm width of a plain purple knit as the backing and a purple lacy knit for the front. The finished scarf is 16cm wide.
As I had over a metre of the lacy knit, I decided to make another scarf but this time a softer, less structured type. I cut a  rectangle 35cm x 150 cm (the width of the fabric) and made it as an open ended tube. The selvedges formed the ends. I found that this scarf is quite versatile as one end can be placed into the other forming a long loop and is then doubled for a cowl.
or it can be worn in the more usual way.

The two scarves are welcome additions to my scarf draw.

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