Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baby bibs

I made a couple of bibs as a small gift to bring when I visited a work friend who recently had her first baby. Not having any bibs on hand at home to work from, I searched the internet for some ideas. I found a design I liked from lia's blog and rather than make it the way she suggested, I backed it with towelling and bound it with bias binding as I had seen with You Sew Girls Fabulous 50's bib.
However, I found that I wasn't so good at sewing the bias binding as neatly as I would like around the top of the bib where it joins at the back of the neck. It looked okay at the front but not so okay at the back. So I made a slight change to the shape at the top to accommodate my sewing expertise (or lack thereof).

with towelling backing
This time with more length

I bought the fruit fabric from Rathdowne Remants, the animal fabric from Spotlight and the towelling backing was cut from a cheap towel also bought from Spotlight.

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