Saturday, April 15, 2017

Yuki dress by Tessuti

It has been a while since I've done any sewing and I'm pleased that it was the Yuki dress by Tessuti that got me back to the sewing machine. The pattern is quite new and comes as PDF or hard copy. As I live in Melbourne I bought the hard copy from the Flinders Lane shop. It is loose fitting and when I make it again I will make it in a smaller size.

Front view

The pattern suggests that the cowl collar should be made from a lighter weight fabric for a better drape. Instead of doing that, I used the same fabric as the dress but cut the collar on the bias. I did this for the better draping quality of bias cut fabric and also because I was working with a plaid I didn't have to worry about matching stripes - killing two birds with one stone! The other change from the sewing instructions was with the centre front seam on the collar. I neatened the seam by folding under the seam allowance and stitching it down rather than neatening the edges and letting the seam allowance hang loose in the collar.

                                                                      close up of front collar

                                                                           Back view
                                                          Close up of back neck

 I really liked the instructions for the side pockets and will use this method for in-seam pockets  in future garments. The fabric is a light weight suiting from Clear It in Fitzroy. I'm not sure of its composition but it is soft to the touch.

I plan to wear it with a long sleeved black top underneath, footless tights and flat shoes for Autumn and for Winter make it warmer with a woollen crew neck jumper and boots.


  1. This will be a great dress for our warm autumn. I like how you have finished the neck with bias cut fabric. I haven't been to Clear It for ages - good to see they are still selling fabric.

  2. Hi Anna. Thanks for your comment. My Instagram name is JanineM50. Originally it was called after my blog name but I didn't realise that Instagram is somehow linked to facebook. I joined Facebook to be in contact with my daughter who was traveling to Vietnam and she said this was the easiest way to stay in touch. Anyway I have like 20 Facebook friends and somehow someone who used to live in the area found the Instagram page and therefore could look at my blog. Despite the blog being very public I am actually a bit shy about it. I never thought anyone I know in real life would find out. I got my family to promise they would not tell. I like blogging but think my blog is a bit boring and I sew old style clothes etc, nothing trendy . I am a doctor so I can't blog about work and my family don't want me to talk about them - they have relatively exciting lives compared to me. Anyway someone from my sewing group discovered the blog because years ago I did pattern reviews and she recognised the hills in the background which is how I joined sewing group so that was nice. Then my husband told a sewing friend much to my mortification! I have unlinked my instagram page to my blog now in case any locals discover my blog. Anyway what a long comment to tell you my instagram name ! Hope you are having a nice weekend Janine.

  3. Haha. I don't know my own instagram name. It is janinem50 , no capitals.


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