Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Daisy Designer Tunic by Stylearc

The Daisy Designer Tunic is my latest make using a Stylearc pattern. I used a vintage Italian voile that had been gifted to me by a friend from her elderly mother's fabric collection.
I didn't have quite enough for the required 2.6 metres of fabric but I got around that by using a similiar weight white cotton for the hem facings. When I make this pattern again, I will use a lighter weight complimentary fabric for the hem facings so as to reduce the weight that is added to the hems because they are faced. Due to the sheerness of the fabric I bound the neckline rather than used the pattern facing. I also elimated the centre front and centre back seams by cutting the front and back on the fold.
When I make another one, I'll shorten the body by 4 -5 centimetres as it the finished garment is quite long. Other than that, it fits really well and is very comfortable to wear.


  1. Beautuful! I bet it feels lovely too. Where else could you get Italian voile? I think we are lucky to be gifted fabric like this .

  2. Really, really struggling to work out how to construct the bottom layers. Any help would be gratefully received! I have found the instructions very confusing. Yours looks lovely.

  3. Beautiful fabric love it, I am really struggling with the pattern can you tell me please when and how is piece 6 finished off, I have read the instructions over and over and no where it tells me, think the instructions are very sparse, love it if you can help me please, regards Maria


Thank you very much for your comment.