Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stylish Dress Book Dress E

This is my version of Dress E from Stylish Dress Book by Yoshiko Tsukriori, I made it tunic length to wear over pants. It is quite roomy and even though I made it using a fine lawn fabric it just doesn't look right on me.
It's very billowy (if there's such a word) so it won't make a public appearance but I will wear it at home. At least it gave me a chance to continue practising using binding on necklines and making pleats!


  1. A pity you don't feel right in it ! Did you make your usual size because I would love this sew this style as well and I am wondering if all the patterns in this book are really roomy . Otherwise I can enjoy 'being' size 6 .

    1. It's because there's fullness at both the front and the back that it runs so large. If I was to sew this again I would make the back without the gathers or maybe just a small pleat. I would keep the front as it is. And I would make it a smaller size.


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