Monday, April 28, 2014

Sashiko - making progress

I have been practising sashiko stitching using an indigo pre-stenciled cotton fabric that I bought at Kimono House. I used an off white sashiko thread. The pattern is called waves and it was easy to follow. It did take quite a few hours to complete the 30 cm square!  I plan to use this sample as the central panel in a cushion cover. 

As you can see this pre-printed fabric has the stitch size marked to make it really easy to follow.
But then I got a little too confident and thought I could graduate to copying a pattern that involved sharp angles and central points.
I learnt a few things:
1. Choose your fabric carefully. With all the lines on this cotton fabric, I found it really difficult to find and follow the lines that I had traced.
2. Take care with stitching at the central point of these stars. The centre of the bottom star looks okay but the middle one is a mess.
3. Take care also when stitching at corners and points. Keep those points sharp.

I will continue practising.

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  1. I think your sashiko efforts are excellent considering how long you have been doing it. The japanese really have a beautiful but simple style aesthetic. We went on a short trip to tokyo last year to visit our daughter who was working there and the women are so chic .


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