Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blouse E from Treasured Collection

Maybe I am a bit lazy in that I make up a number of versions of the same pattern but it does allow me to make adjustments on each new variation. I've made another version of Blouse E. The previous one, see below, was made true to the pattern.

The newer version I made with a longer sleeve and gathered it at the hem and bound with self-fabric bias binding. This has become my favourite way of hemming the sleeves of summer tops. In making this top, the impact of fabric choice on the success of the garment was quite evident. The earlier version was a fine rayon/cotton which draped beautifully. This one is a cotton voile, which is also a fine fabric but a little stiffer. The outcome was that it seemed to have a lot more volume and I had to take it in a few centimetres to give it a better shape. It is comfortable to wear and I've had more practice with bias binding. So not all has been in vain.

If I make it again I think I will reduce the width of the neck by taking in more with the neckline gathers. This will make it sit better across my shoulders.

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