Monday, January 7, 2013

McCalls 6102 with sleeves

The toile was a success so I cut into the linen to make up the dress with sleeves. I had to widen the sleeves and I did that my slashing the sleeve pattern in the centre and widening it by about 3 cm. This then widened the sleeve cap which needed to be eased to fit the armhole. I use the method where you hold your finger against the presser foot so that the fabric bunches up and the feed dogs ease the fabric slightly. It's a really good method. Only one row of stitching with a normal stitch length and it works a treat. I also used a bias tape maker to make an 18mm bias binding for the neckline. I am now a convert to making your own bias binding. It was really easy and I think gave the dress a more professional finish.
 The dress is rather shapeless but it does hide a multitude of sins!

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