Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The sense of an ending

'The sense of an ending' is Julian Barnes latest novel which won the 2011 Man Booker prize. I downloaded it on my kindle, which I got for Christmas 2010, but haven't really used as much as I should. I really loved this novel. The narrator is a middle aged man, Tony Webster looking back on his youth in England in the 1960's, in particular his relationships with his school friend Adrian and girlfriend Veronica. The spark for the reflection on his past is caused by the inheritance of 500 pounds and Adrian's diary upon the death of Veronica's mother. Why would he inherit money from her and why does she have Adrian's diary? These questions puzzle Tony and start him off on a very honest summation of his past and of his character. I really liked the way that Julian Barnes explored history and the reliability of memory as an accurate recorder of the past. It is a terrific story and one that gets you hooked immediately. It's about loss, revenge, betrayal, love: all the right ingredients for a great read.

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