Sunday, January 29, 2012

A hybrid

I've experimented with Pattern S and Pattern D from Happy Homemade Vol 1. With this top, I've used the bodice of Pattern S, lengthened and widened it at the hem so that it drapes at the side. I used the sleeve of Pattern D but adjusted it by making it narrower and gathering the hem and binding it with a self-fabric bias binding. I bought the Japanese cotton fabric from Clegs during their summer sale. I like the shape of this top and the way it hangs at the side. Because I added a dart at the front armhole I had to so some easing for the sleeve cap to fit. I used my favourite method, where you hold your finger against the back of the presser foot. This stops the fabric from moving smoothly and at the same gathers the fabric ever so slightly. It makes fitting the sleeve really easy and only one row of stitching is needed rather than two when you use the gathering method. The Pattern Review website has an explanation and calls it crowding.
The adjustment made to the sideseam


  1. Love your versions of the Japanese tops - your adjustments worked well. I found your blog when I googled KS 3670 - I am about to try sew this tunic. I love reading local blogs with info about where people get their fabric.

  2. I hope your version of Kwik Sew 3670 turns out well. It's a very easy pattern and I really like the neckline.


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