Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to make gravy

When I first heard Paul Kelly's song 'How to make gravy' it stopped me in my tracks. It's one of my favourite songs. His book of the same name is a fascinating memoir. Using 100 songs in alphabetical order as the structure of the book, Paul Kelly writes of many things telling the story of his life and the influences on his music. It starts in Adelaide, his hometown and in life imitating art, I started reading the book while on holiday in Adelaide! He is a great story teller and this book is full of stories. The book is not in chronological order but moves around in time and place according to the story behind each song. The story might be about how is grandparents met, life on tour, listening to Frank Sinatra, writing a song, jamming with other musicians, his childhood, being with his children....all beautifully, lovingly and honestly told.

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