Thursday, November 10, 2011

River Cottage Bread Book

I was inspired to buy this book after tasting bread made by a work colleague from one of its recipes. She couldn't recommend the book highly enough. It arrived in the mail today. I've only had a quick glance at the chapter headings and read the first couple of pages. There's lots of pictures, recipes and advice on how to start making bread and then graduating to more challenging recipes.  It will be like having a master baker right there beside you. Lots of different breads to try: basic loaf, sourdough, foccaccia, ciabatta, bagels, croissant, brioche, tortilla, roti. I'm looking forward to having a go.
When I was looking for this book on the web, I found that there was another one with the same title and author but with a different front cover. That book is the American version which has imperial measurements. For metric users, the cover as shown above is the one that you want.

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