Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prints Charming, the book

I couldn't believe when I saw the book 'prints charming' on sale in a Melbourne book clearance store for $5. It's not an out of date book as it was only published last year. It's very useful as it gives instructions for screen printing but even if you don't want to make your own fabric, it has lots of ideas and patterns for making items for around the home. The chapters include step by step screen printing and instructions for projects such as making a cot quilt, kimono, brooches, children's shorts, a table cloth, a beach bag. It has full size patterns as well. The sewing is simple and straight forward and ideal for those new (or old) to sewing. The book's available at the $5 Books Shop on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets, opposite the GPO.When I bought my book yesterday, there were about a dozen copies on the stand. 

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  1. It's lovely book. What a bargain price!
    PS Visiting from Blogtoberfest


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