Monday, September 26, 2011

A bit of a disaster

The only time that this garment will have a public viewing is here. I am not at all happy with it for a number of reasons:
  • the fabric
  • the colour
  • the fit
  • the shape
  • the length
  • the neckline (which I changed rather badly)
It's Vogue pattern 8699 and my version doesn't look anything like its picture (view B, the one on the right)

Anyway  a few lessons learnt from this sewing experience:
  1. Don't buy fabric because it has a brand name. This one was Marc Jacobs.
  2. Don't buy fabric when you don't like its colour.
  3. Check more closely the measurements given on the pattern packet.
  4. Don't try for seam details, such as princess seams, when it won't show because of the fabric.
  5. Get the garment to fit across your shoulders first and then make adjusments for the bumps and lumps. 
  6. Disasters can always be turned into nighties!

Rather shapeless

Princess seams lost amongst the busyness of the fabric

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