Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Golden Age of Couture

It's over two years ago now that I went to the Bendigo Art Gallery for the Golden Age of Couture exhibition. I have the companion book to remind me of the gorgeousness of the amazing dresses that were there. The fabrics, the dresses, the accessories, the photos: all hark back to a time of glamour (and foundation garments). I remember being particularly taken by the garments for the scale model doll, Miss Virginia Lachasse. The doll and her wardrobe of clothes were part of a fund raising effort for the Greater London Fund for the Blind in 1954. The clothes were exquisitely made and the tiny accessories such as gloves, handbags and stockings were delightful.
The Bendigo Art Gallery is hosting another wonderful exhibition of dresses with  The White Wedding Dress. It's on until 6th November. These dresses span 200 years and come from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I must make sure I get up to Bendigo between now and 6th November.

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