Friday, August 12, 2011

Carry me

The first Japanese bag making book I bought was 'Carry Me: 20 Boutique books to sew' by Yuka Koshizen which I purchased last year. As with most books, patterns and fabric that I buy I haven't made anything from them yet. It's just patiently waiting there for me. What I like about these designs is that they are very modern, chic, and use handbag hardware such as rivets, eyelets and twist lock fasteners. All this is combined with great understated Japanese style. The book has pictures of the bags which show them off really well. The book has full sized patterns so there's no need to enlarge them on a photocopier. The instructions assume a basic knowledge of sewing and bag making, although the diagrams are very clear. However, as I haven't made anything from it yet I can't really judge how good the instructions are. But when time is less precious, I will be having a go at the 'Cabana Tote'

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