Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vogue pattern V8650

When I find a pattern that fits well and is easy to make up, I can't help but make a few garments from it. Such as I have with this Very Easy Vogue pattern V8650.

 I have made three tops so far. The first I pretty much followed the pattern with the shorter body length and the three quarter length sleeves. Once I finished it I found that the neck was a little loose and the underarms too low so I made a small adjustment with the shoulder dart. I took it in by a couple of centimetres which fixed the problem and inspired me to make more tops. The first one was  made from a light weight cotton and I think I bought it from the Fabric Store in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

first top made with orange paisley cotton
 The second one I made from fabric that I bought from Clear It, which is also in Brunswick Street just a few doors away from the Fabric Store heading towards Johnston Street. Upstairs they have bolts of Alannah Hill fabric at great prices. I changed the length of the sleeve so that it would reach my elbow, made a few pleats to gather it in, and bound it with self fabric bias binding. The fabric was a little slippery but I had read somewhere about spraying slippery fabric with spray on starch and ironing it, which I did before cutting it, and it was a dream to work with.

Front pleated neckline detail
Sleeve finished with a bound hem
The third one is made from a silk/cotton fabric that I bought from Tessuti in Flinders Lane a couple of weeks ago. I used the short sleeve for this top and bound it with self fabric bias binding after making a number of small pleats along the hem line. I also added a casing three centimetres from the bottom hem and threaded elastic through it to give the top a blouson effect. Great for hiding the spare tyre!

Third top this time with an elastic casing added
I had fun making them especially adding my own details to the second and third ones to make them a little different from the original pattern and giving the sleeves a more polished finish.


  1. Hi anna, just wondering if you follow thornberrys blog - I think you would love it - she also makes heaps of garments and reviews the patterns..me ? I'm hopeless at garments...hopeless !

  2. I have this pattern in my stash too! Great to see your versions - you've inspired me to get cracking on it soon. Love the fabrics you've chosen (maybe I should slot in a visit to Clear It soon). I am blushing a little at the above comment by Jodie...


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