Monday, January 31, 2011

Kwik Sew 3670

With only a few days remaining of the summer holidays I set to work on making two tops from Kwik Sew 3670 and the completed results are below.

I cut the pattern according to the sizing on the pattern envelope but it was enormous (which was flattering to the ego and gave confidence in pursuing the New Year's resolution of losing weight). The first one I made was the black rose linen which I purchased at the Fabric Store during their January sale. I had to make adjustments to make it one size smaller but even then had to take in more at the shoulder seam. I liked the very generous hem (8cm) and the bound sleeve hem. This is version B

Close up of the neck line
The second one, I cut a size smaller and because of the sheer nature of the fabric made the hem 1.5cm. I lengthened the sleeves for bodice A by 10 centimetres to make the sleeve just below the elbow. I bought this fabric at Rathdowne Remnants last week. I really liked it especially with the added texture of the self fabric ribbon sewn on following the floral pattern. For the binding on the neck and sleeve, I removed the stitched on ribbon. This made it easier to work with as it removed any extra bulk in the seams.

fabric detail
With the return to work, my sewing hours will be cut drastically, but I hope to sew at least one evening a week.


  1. very pretty, I love the one below, make me yearn for spring

  2. They look lovely! I'm about to cut this out today and was looking for some reviews to help me with sizing - maybe I'll cut the small instead of the medium after all!


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