Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to blogging

So much for the 'sew and read' as it has been more about 'work and work' since my last blog post. I have read a book 'Closed for Winter' by Georgia Blain over the last couple of months. The story was based on the experience of the younger sister Elise, whose older sister, Frances, disappeared one summer when Elise was 8 and Frances was 12. We meet Elise as an adult grappling with the impact of her sister's disappearance on her life and that of her relationship with her mother. It is a sad story and yet hopeful in that Elise will escape from the emotional damage caused by the loss of her sister. I am currently reading 'Revolutionary Road' which was made into a film a couple of years ago starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. This is the story of an unhappy suburban marriage set in mid 1950's New York.
I have done a little sewing and have made a much belated birthday present for my son's girlfriend. It is a tote bag featuring hand screen printed fabric by Tegan Rose from Ink and Spindle. It must be okay as my two teenage daughters have wished that it was theirs!
Full view

pocket detail

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