Thursday, May 13, 2010

May all ready?

See what happens when work begins and holidays end. I made the two skirts that I mentioned way back in January. The latest book I have read is 'Reading Lolita in Iran' a book for bookclub. It was an interesting book in that it told of life in Iran during the revolution during the 80's from the perspective of women, as well as being a litery guide to the authors Jane Austen, Henry James, F.Scott Fitzgerald and Vladimir Nabokov. The writer of the book was a professor of English Literature at an Iranian university.
I am only a few pages away from finishing 'Love in the time of cholera'. I am really enjoying it and don't want the story to end.
I made a few dozen zipped purses for a Mother's Day Stall at work and was quite successful in selling most of them. The bit I like most about making them is finding and buying the fabric. My two favourite local online stores are kelani fabric and duckcloth. They both have a fantastic range of fabrics and their service is professional and punctual.

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