Thursday, July 10, 2014

A new winter skirt using New Look 6843

The New Look 6843 is my 'go-to' pattern when I want to make a winter pencil skirt. I have had this pattern for years and years. The stamp on the pattern envelope is from a fabric shop that has been gone from my local shopping strip for well over a decade. But the pattern is still available so the skirt has remained fashionable. I lengthened version B by 7 cms and omitted the waistband and side split. Instead of the waistband I reinforced the waist seam with cotton tape and added a lining. This gives the skirt a ready to wear look. I also find that as the skirt is just above the knee, it's roomy enough to walk in without the need for a split or kick pleat. This version is made from a grey and black wool plaid that I picked up last year from the remnants table at Tessuti in Melbourne.
The skirt does sit at my waist, but my waist is bigger than my dress form's. Once I made sure that I matched up the stripes and checks in my cutting out, I found working with a plaid quite enjoyable. It certainly made marking the hem line straight forward!
I am really happy with the invisible zip and my matching of the horizontal lines and placement of the vertical lines.
And I used a Hong Kong finish on the hem.  Feeling quite couture!!

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  1. Congratulations on a well made skirt. It is so hard to find this fabric now. I have one plaid wool skirt in gray , black, navy and dark teal which I sewed and wear heaps. You will certainly need this warm skirt currently. Are you still doing your sashiko?


Thank you very much for your comment.