Sunday, September 15, 2013

Covered zipper ends in zipped pouch

There's always something new to learn in sewing, even with the basic zipped pouch. I found a blog post about the perfect zipper end by Busy Bean and decided to give it a go when I made my next pencil case.
This pencil case is made from a screen printed fabric by Yardage Design. The zip is finished with fabric tabs. Because I had quite a narrow gap between the end of the fabric zip tab and the raw edges of the pencil case side seams as well as was working with medium weight fabrics, it was a bit tricky trying to get past the zip tabs when sewing it up. The sewing machine foot struggled to get over the bulk of the seam allowances. I made a note to make sure that for the future I would have a wider seam allowance and that this method may work better with lighter weight fabrics.

I tried it again today with a lighter weight fabric and a wider seam allowance. A much better result and no struggling to get over the seam allowances at the zip.

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