Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The slot seam

I received the latest edition of 'Threads' magazine (Number 168) in the mail today and was quite intrigued by an article on slot seams. These are decorative seams which reveal a surprise fabric underneath. They are ingenious. It is quite a simple process of basting a seam, covering the seam allowances with a contrasting fabric, top stitching the contrasting fabric in place and then removing the basting to reveal the underlay of contrasting fabric.  I found a tutorial on sewing a slot seam on a blog called sewastraightline. Details about using the slot seam to give more width to a garment can be found at Threads magazine.
This dress from www.polyvore shows how slot seams can add lots of interest and detail to a garment.
It has got me thinking of how to incorporate the slot seam into my next sewing project.

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