Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Amateur Marriage and Wilderness Tips

I know I have been on holidays because I have been able to read for hours at a time. I finished 'The Hundred Years of Solitude', found it hard going during the middle of it but I persisted and found it very satisfying. It was quite a magical book to read. I then devoured 'The Amateur Marriage' by Anne Tyler. She is one of my favourite authors. This novel, set in Baltimore, follows the lives of the spouses of the marriage over sixty years from 1941 until after 2001. It is a story that is quite sad but one that you can symathise with both parties to this union. Once I finished that it was on to dessert with another favourite author: Margaret Atwood with a collection of short stories called 'Wilderness Tips'. Relationships and marriages featured in these stories too. She is such a great writer and has a great love of the English language.
On the sewing side not so good but there is still one week of holidays left and I do plan to do some sewing this week: a couple of skirts and hopefully a top or two.

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